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Sweet Baby Girl - Clean Up

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It’s Sweet Baby Girl clean up time! Rush into 4 messy rooms with your favorite girls – Alice and Emma. Wash dishes, do laundry, iron clothes, mop the floor and do other cool house chores to make the Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Laundry Room look nice and pretty again!One of the best girls games!
WHAT’S INSIDE4 rooms to clean up8 Bathroom mini games5 Bathroom cleaning tools6 Bedroom mini games3 Bedroom cleaning tools19 Kitchen mini games3 Kitchen cleaning tools8 dirty dishes to wash8 Laundry Room mini games6 pieces of dirty clothing to wash and iron
Game features:
MAKE THE BATHROOM SPARKLE!Little Emma will give you a sponge and bathroom cleaner. Scrub the tub and sink, then wash the dirt away. Clean the toilet, mop the floor, and you’re done!
TIDY ALICE’S BEDROOM!Clean the mess in Alice’s room before her Mom comes home! Put the things to their places, wash the window, wipe the table and vacuum the floor. Sweet little Alice will thank you!
TAKE CARE OF DIRTY CLOTHES WITH EMMA!Sort out a pile of dirty laundry into whites and colors. Throw colored clothes into washer and press the start button. Hang the washings to dry and carefully iron them afterwards!
CLEAN THE KITCHEN!Take the dirty dishes and put them in the sink. Wash every plate, mug, cooking pot, glass, fork, knife and spoon with dishwashing liquid and sponge. Finish up by cleaning the sink, table and kitchen stove. Alice will be really proud of you!
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